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Upo Wetland
Ideal spot for nature lovers
Upo Wetland is a primitive low bed wetland, which was created about 140 million years ago. When soft ground collapsed, water started to come to a low basin, and this was a lake where dinosaurs lived 100 million years ago. Upo Wetland was formed in with the sediments from the mountains brought in by rivers. They are the largest natural swamps in South Korea, with a total size about 5,550 square km. The bottom of the swamp is shallower than 1m and there are over 1,000 species living in its murky waters. It has a primitive atmosphere with 100 kinds of plants containing 28 kinds of aquatic plants and 72 types of hydrophytes.
since 1962, they have been officially designated a nature zone under some name or other, finally becoming registered in 1998 with the Ramsar Convention, which is devoted to protecting waterfowl habitats around the world.

More than anything else, Upo is a birdwatcher’s paradise: resident species include turtle doves and magpies, while the crested ibis, Eurasian spoonbill and whooping swan arrive in winter.