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Bosung & Hadong
Korean Tea Culture Tour
Hadong in Gyeongsangnam-do and Boseong in Jeollanam-do are two major hubs of green tea culture in Korea. Both are home to environments that are favorable to green tea production and as a result the two areas are the largest producers of green tea in Korea. Though both are representative of green tea culture in the nation, Hadong has a richer history and tradition of green tea, while Boseong is known more for the splendid views of the green tea fields and the regions culinary delights.

In Hadong, a variety of green tea experience programs are available to visitors. Particularly noteworthy is the Green Tea Culture Center situated by the entrance to Ssanggyesa Temple. The center features the Green Tea Exhibition Hall, which offers a variety of information on the history of green tea culture, and the Green Tea Experience Hall, which has many hands-on programs using green tea. The Green Tea Exhibition Hall exhibits materials and relics on the history of green tea in Korea, the varying green tea culture throughout its time in Korea, and the uniqueness of green tea in Hadong.

The Daehan Dawon in Boseong, Jeollanam-do is the most beautiful green tea plantation in Korea. Not only was it selected as one of the top 50 places to visit in Korea by CNNgo, it was also picked as one of the 31 beautiful sights on the planet by CNN. The endless slopes of beautiful tea trees presents visitors with one of the most picturesque scenes in all of Korea.