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Seorak Tourist Special Zone
The Stunning Unexplored Sights of Seorak Embracing the East Sea
As the sky, sea and colors of nature change according to the weather and season, colorful Seorak is all the more a must-visit destination for travelers. It is a place that will enchant you with the gift of god’s scenery while reminding you of the painful reality that Korea is the one and only divided country in the world. Therefore, it is all the more meaningful to make a visit. If you have finished filling up with the magnificent scenery of Seoraksan National Park, move on towards the East Sea where the sky-blue lake and sea stretch out into the distance.
Seoraksan National Park

This is a national park that encompasses Seoraksan Mountain and boasts a beautiful landscape and graceful shape. Visitors can admire the magnificent view of nature that changes with every season and tour the park in a short time by using the cable car.

Nakansa Temple

Nakansa Temple is counted as one of the Eight Scenic Areas of the eight provinces in the Gwandong region, and it is a historical and cultural site with magnificent views. Hongryeonam Rock is counted as one of the four holy places in Korea. Visitors can see the temple’s bronze bell, Wontongbojeon, the Seven-Story Stone Pagoda, statue of Avalokitesvara and Botajeon.