Enter to Korea
Foreigners wishing to enter the Republic of Korea to attend ICAE 2021 should possess a valid passport and valid entry visa if required. Visitors for sightseeing or transit with confirmed outbound tickets may stay in Korea up to 30 days without a visa, except for those from certain countries. Any visitor from a country that has no diplomatic relations or no special visa exemption with Korea should obtain an entry visa before coming to Korea. If you are uncertain as to the requirements for entry visas to the Republic of Korea, please contact the Korean Embassy or the consulate nearest to you as soon as possible.
Letter of Invitation
An official invitation letter will be sent by the ICAE 2021 Chair upon request. This personal invitation is intended to facilitate travel and visa preparation of registered participants. The visa application is sole responsibility of the participants. To request an official invitation letter, participant should first complete the registration process. After complete the online registration process, please send the invitation request form to the secretariat (info@icae.kr).